Hiding from Mendoza to the south, there is a magical place enclosed by the hills at the foot of the Andes Range. The Cordon del Plata is the sentinel that overlooks this blessed region. In the Uco Valley the wild temperature changes have modified the grapes, enhancing the aromas and flavors of the wine, and thus creating a new chapter in the amazing history of the wine: “the High Altitude Wines”.

A wine tour to the Uco Valley will show you the latest technology display which has permitted Argentinean Malbec to be worldwide recognized. Even if there are vineyards dating more than a century, it was in the last decade when the best winemakers discovered the enormous potential of this region. 

This valley concentrates the newest investments of many wineries who have envisioned this place as a the best region to produce high quality Malbec. The north part of the valley is the headquartes of Salentein, Atamisque, Andeluna Cellars and La Azul. In the entrance to the Valley, Atamisque delights its visitors with an elegant winery where the building is conceived respecting the environment. Their premium wines will rejoice the connoisseurs as well as the specialist. Past the Tupungato Village, do not miss the impressive cellar room in Salentein with the barrels disposed según los 4 puntos cardinales. Gourmet lovers will definitely enjoy the six course gourmet lunch in Andeluna Cellars, where the overhelming scenery surrounds the visitor in a sea of vineyards with the imposing Andes in the background. Those who prefer the rustic and the magic of the countryside will adore La Azul with its intimate little building and the cosy restaurant in a traditional gaucho style.

The wine tour in Valle de Uco is the ideal complementary tour for those who are spending a couple of days in our region and have more time to get relaxed. It is also a great options for the travelers lodging in wine resorts, looking forward to enhance their wine experience in Mendoza.