Not far from the city there is a place where the first settlers built their dreams: the Maipú Region in the North Valley.

The Maipú Wine Tour offers the possibility to discover the whole panorama of Mendoza’s wine in only one glimpse. The visit to three wineries combines a place with more than a hundred years of expertise, with the latest innovations of the new developments, as well as a small family project where the contact with the proprietary will fulfill all your questions.

Traditionally a place for olive oil production, Maipu has witnessed the development of a new varietal: the Bonarda. This variety envisages to rise its quality and get a place in the podium of the top quality wines, next to the worldly recognized Malbec.

The one hundred year old Trapiche offers a great range of tastings: from fresh whites to aged Malbecs as well as beautiful blends and their premium sparkling. In Domaine Saint-Diego the family will warmly welcome you and provide the opportunity of a closer contact with the producers. Those nostalgic of old traditions will enjoy La Rural and their famous Rutini Wines. Their wine museum treasures one of the richest collections of devices and machines related to wine production. Familia Zucardi is proud of being one of the leading 100% Mendocinean capitals winery. Their wine making laboratory is consciously researching  on different grapes to be implanted in this land and they also excel in their olive oil production.

This tour is ideal for those interested in enhancing their experience with olive oil tasting, as well as those people who enjoy the connection with our ancestral roots and traditions.