When you visit Luján de Cuyo you get inside the heart of our wine traditions, with the effort of the first settlers who found a shelter in their mud-and-straw houses.  The bright sun that shines almost continuously fulfills the grapes with its vigor. This provides strong skins that exalt the colors and aromas in the wine. The rain extracts a great variety of minerals from the mountain adding a broad collection of colors into the wide palette of wine flavors.

A wine tour in Luján de Cuyo allows the visitor to discover the changes involving the process of the wine, from the old piletones for massive production to the latest inox technology and barrel ageing destined to high quality wine.

When you think about Malbec you think in Mendoza, and if you are looking for the best Malbec, this tour is the perfect option for those looking to a first-class experience. While this region concentrates the widest amount of wineries, this tour can be exclusively personalized according to your preferences. Anyway, you can also trust in our expertise and get surprised with the hidden treasures of newly birth boutique wineries whose limited production concentrates in producing superlative quality.

The never-ending world of wine in Mendoza goes far beyond Malbec. Beautifully made blends, exceptional Cabernets, and freshly fruity whites will also surprise you.

A gourmet lunch would be the perfect compliment for this trip. Traditional Argentinean Lunch with our celebrated rib-eye steak, our famous asado, international haute-cuisine or even an amazing sushi & wine combination are some of the possibilities to enjoy lunch surrounded by the vineyards.

This tour is also ideal for travelers who have only one or two days in Mendoza because they can appreciate the different manifestations of wine production and finish their full day winery tour with an outstanding lunch.