It is quite usual to hear sommeliers and Wine critics describe wines with strange and complex aromas. And equally usual is for consumers to feel confused about the descriptors mentioned.  During this special tour, we want our passengers to discover the magic and complexity of the wines.

The tour starts with a visit to the winery facilities, and then the challenge starts.

In wine tasting glasses, 32 natural aromatic descriptors will be displayed.  The guests, blindfolded, will have to identify what is in each glass. This way, you can improve your “sensory memory” and identify aromas that are usually present in wines.

In order to complete the experience, we will visit Belasco de Baquedano winery. This Spanish owned winery produces only Malbec Wines, crafted from their own 80-years old vineyards. What makes this place unique is the “Hall of Aromas”. As the only one of its kind and scale in the Americas, the Hall presents 46 fragrances contained in clear Plexiglas posts that line up along the room.

Lunch is a gourmet 5-course tasting menu, paired with the 5 different Malbecs they produce: Rosa de Argentina, Llama, AR Güentota, Swinto, and Antracita Ice Wine.