A very special way to appreciate the best of Mendoza is by taking a Hot Air Ballon ride. With the first rays of sunlight, when the air is calm and fresh, we will be ready for takeoff. The balloon will slowly gain altitude, and below, an unforgettable view of vineyards and mountain appears. The Valle de Uco is the best place for a free flight. Once above there is a toast for this unique experience. The landing point is always a mystery, since the balloon is directed by the winds, but once landed, you will for sure experience the hospitality of the locals, surprised by the unusual visit.

To complete the day, we suggest to visit the local wineries and enjoy the Malbecs that are now world-wide famous. You cannot miss a gourmet tasting menu paired with a wine flight, surrounded by vineyards and overlooking the Andes.

To fully enjoy this experience, it is advisable to be lodged in the area. More information in Wine Hotels.